Hair Salon 8 Eight is a tourist friendly, men's only hair salon open till midnight, located in NahaCity, Okinawa, near Kokusaidori street.

Phone reservation is not available in English.
Men's only hair salon
Hair Salon 8 Eight
Hair Salon 8 Eight

Hi! Thank you for visiting Hair Salon 8 Eight's website.

Hair Salon 8 Eight is a men's only hair salon.

If you are visiting Japan on vacation, we strongly recommend you experience Japanese hair salons.
Most Japanese men wear their hair using styling wax.
We design the cut anticipating the style you would be wearing everyday using styling wax;
removing weight or leaving some places thick considering each individual's head shape. Asian hair is significantly different from Caucasian hair, and that is another factor that needs attention.

Understanding the customer's hair texture and build, we design the perfect style for each individual.

We've been offering our services to customers traveling from the USA, Philippine, Korea, China,Taiwan and foreigners living in Okinawa.

We attend all customers with the greatest care although our stylists are not fluent in English.
We use photos to confirm the style you are looking for, so please do not hesitate to visit us.

One of our must-try services is the Sparkling Head Spa Massage (Carbonic Acid Head Spa).

The carbonic acid tank is directly connected to the shampoo station, delivering powerful concentrated carbonic acid which will rejuvenate your scalp, preventing thin hair and hair loss.

You will be surprised of the results!

Hair Salon 8 Eight is known for its meticulous skill and service, which we are sure will overcome any language barrier.
We look forward to your visit!

Phone reservation is not available in English.

Since our staff is not fluent in English, please come directly to our hair salon.
We will book your appointment on the spot, or attend you immediately if there is an opening.

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Phone reservation is not available in English.